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Real Estate - Buying, Selling & Lender Representation

The Nielson Law Office represents buyers, sellers and lenders involved in real estate transactions.  Availability to professionals is the only way to ensure dead lines are met, stress is minimized, and the closing is performed on time and correctly.  Our network of professionals ensure those things.  Our pre-closing professional has over 15 years experience dealing from the simple to complex transactions.  Our title examiner is highly qualified to ensure that the chain of title is correctly determined. And we have both in-house and a net-work of attorneys to handle almost every aspect of real estate transactions.

The Office provides special pricing for buyers who also select us as their closing attorney.  The Nielson Law Office is an approved closing-office for most of major banks and brokers in the area.  You can ask your bank or mortgage broker to select us for your closing, and if selected, will waive the fee for P&S review and attendance at the closing. We offer other discounts as well - contact us to see if we can offer one to you.



  • Representing buyers including P&S review, mortgage process and closing
  • Representing sellers in drafting the P&S and Deed, and closing.
  • Representing lenders providing mortgages to buyers
  • Title insurance for both lenders and owners