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Appeals - when you wrongly lose at trial

The Nielson Law Office is well experienced in bring appeals to the appellate courts. The Office know the complex procedure to bring appeals to ensure they are entered in a timely manner.  Selection of matters for appeals involves researching current case law for recent decision, and effectively arguing those recent cases. The Office has the resources and experience to get that accomplished.  Mr. Nielson is frequently before the Appeals Court having argued numerous cases.  He is familiar with the complexities of Motions for New Trial, when they are allowable and when they are needed.  The Nielson Law Office can help you determine is an appeal is right for your specific situation, and offer superior representation throughout the appeals process.



  • Review of trials and other matters for issues suitable for appeal
  • Research legal issues for current case law
  • Drafting appellate briefs and appearing at oral arguments
  • Assisting out-side counsel throughout the appeal process including drafting of briefs, including ghost-writing
  • Preparing and arguing motions for new trials and revise & revoke motions.